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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the catering leadership team has spoken to all staff regarding the need to practice good personal hygiene and minimise person-to-person contact.

The cafeteria work place rules that should be followed have been condensed to the following 12 points.

  1. It is a firm requirement that any sick employees do not enter the workplace in order to protect their fellow employees and other members of the school. If experiencing symptoms (fever, cough, and shortness of breath), do not come to work.

  2. Emphasize appropriate respiratory etiquette (contain coughs and sneezes)

  3. Emphasize frequent and adequate handwashing.

  4. Dry hands with a clean, disposable paper towel. Ensure soap and paper towels are available at all handwashing sinks.

  5. Increase the physical distance among employees and between employees and members of the school — social distancing — to reduce the spread of the virus.

  6. Greet without shaking hands.

  7. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

  8. Perform frequent environmental cleaning of the kitchen and cafeteria, especially surfaces that are frequently touched (e.g. service equipment, utensils & handles).

  9. Use of gloves, masks and alcohol spray.

  10. Serve as a role model for good hygiene practices and encourage students and staff to practice good hygiene practices, including hand-washing.

  11. Minimize exposure to sick individuals and report any known or suspected COVID-19 illness.

  12. Utilise self-care at home, at work and during travel between.

Questions / Suggestions

If you have questions or suggestions on how we can improve our service for you please email​ us.

And lastly... a message from the Dragon Dining team

The spread of COVID-19 is serious and deserves our attention.

Please know that we’re doing all we can to ensure we continue to serve the YIS community who place their trust in Dragon Dining to help them during just these kinds of situations.

We’re driven by that trust. And we’re guided by our mission and commitment to employees and our amazing customers.

Our thoughts and concerns are with everyone impacted. Be safe and take care.

JP, Darren, Martin, Jun, Ayumi, Swesty, Izumi, Mariko.