• Dragon Dining

Note from Adam Clarke and the Chiku Center

Hello everyone, 

Just a quick update before the weekend about the success of the Chiku Lunch program we've been doing in collaboration with Dragon Dining. 

This morning DD prepared 183 bag lunches each with 2 onigiri, a piece of fruit, one senbei, and an instant miso soup. Both the volunteers and patrons alike at Kotobuki-koen were absolutely overjoyed mentioning multiple times how much people would appreciate it and how delicious they looked. Knowing how important good nutrition is for immunity in the face of COVID-19 and that this also supports Dragon Dining, the healthy contents felt like the perfect gift from the YIS community. 

Miki Mukawa in Grade 11 (who has been instrumental in this initiative) is going to work a few additional photos into a thank you video to share on our social media accounts to the broader community. Ahead of that and the weekend, I thought I'd share a photo with you so you could see how much impact we are having. Thanks to all who have supported this project so far. - Adam